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May 24, 2013

You Make Beautiful Things


I am pretty sure this is my first time writing/blogging about my friend Kylie. A little background on our friendship, we met in college at Indiana State. I was hanging out with a couple of my sorority sisters at a house they rented and met Kylie. (who was not in our sorority) That was Spring of  2007. Fast forward 6 years later and Kylie and I are both living in the Indianapolis area and attend the same church and while Cory and I have been on the adventure of being entrepreneurs and small business owners. Kylie is now starting a business of her own as an interior designer.

I remember when I first met Kylie that the only time we could sometimes hang out was if I went to the interior design building where she lived, I mean study.  I would hang out with her and all her other interior design major classmates. It was really her second home, she spend countless hours on design layouts and projects. She was President of the Interior Design Major Group called IDEA and Student rep to the board of ASID Indiana. Upon graduating she interned and then got job with Lehner Designs here in Indianapolis. I have seen some of Kylie’s work and it is truly amazing. She is truly beautiful inside and out. She loves the Lord and people. Kylie is one of the people that has an infectious personality. She loves to be around people and I think these are some of the characteristics that will help her succeed!

So with her business starting and growing, I photographed some head shots and portraits of her beautiful self. Enjoy a few favorites. Also, if you are looking for an interior designer, I really do recommend Kylie. She really listens to what you want and helps you to put together what you are looking for. Feel free to ‘like’ and visit her facebook page, interiors by kylie.

There was lots of laughing, we couldn’t help it! 😉

Kylie, you are gorgeous!

LOVE this photo of you Kylie! (below)

When we get a house, I definitely will hire Kylie to be our personal interior designer.


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