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March 2, 2017

Why Film


Why Film:

It was Cory’s first love. His favorite and earliest memories of photography started with his dad’s old Minolta 35mm camera. It had duck tape to keep light leaks out, and you could say that’s when it all began.

We started our business in 2009, and as we grew and began to find our style we realized that we were most inspired by film photographers and loved the timeless look of film,  and the love affair began all over again, when Cory borrowed a medium format film camera in 2011 for an engagement session in Florida, we immediately knew we wanted to incorporate film into our business.

To be honest, film is somewhat costly ($2 every time we hit the shutter) but the aesthetic of film cannot be matched by digital photography, even with the filters & editing programs available, there still remains something that is undeniable able the way film feels. Cory found himself looking at photographers that inspired him, such as Peggy Sirota, who shoots most of the Banana Republic ads, and we were discovering that most fashion photographers that shoot those amazing ads in J. Crew use medium format cameras.

So there it began all over again. It was like falling in love with your first crush.

We love the coloring, the grain, the way it renders light at sunset. It forces us to slow down and really capture that single moment.

Here are a few photos that makes us love, love and capturing it all to tell that one-of-a-kind story. Your story.


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