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August 8, 2011

oh florida how we miss you


Can you actually miss the airport? People often miss their home, their own bed, their friends, family, pets etc. We miss the airport, the smell of a new rental car, the little pretzels and cran-apple juice airtran gives you.  I’m sure we’re not normal, and I’m even more certain we have an addiction. I’m trying to edit photos and I can’t help checking the travel sites every few minutes just to see if any of our potential travel itineraries have gone on sale. We said that since we’ve already been to Vanuatu, Fiji, and Florida this spring we wouldn’t do anything else until next year. We were just lying to ourselves, because we can’t go more than three months without flying somewhere new. While I haven’t purchased our next trip yet, I know that I can’t hold out much longer. So in honor of our addiction to travel here are a few photos from our family vacation with my parents this past spring.

meet my (cory’s) parents

what vacation is complete with out swinging?

it’s tradition, all the ladies get pedi’s before going to the beach

I have this bad habit of seeing how close I can get, so no this was not a telephoto lens I was standing over it

We are horrible at getting photos of ourselves, so I promise next time there will be a few of us 🙂



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