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April 24, 2018

The Well Groomed Groom

Wedding Tips

We know that most of the wedding day puts focus on the bride and understandably so. She will have spent way more time in choosing the perfect dress, hours of hair trials and makeup, and she will be radiant- after all, there is so much anticipation as guests see her for her first time coming down the aisle. But, what about HIM- the Groom. Does it matter what he looks like? We think so, and after all the weddings we have photographed, we have found ourselves loving the Classic Black Tux and hear is why: It’s transcends time. Grooms have been wearing black tux for generations. My grandfather had the classic black pant suit, with a white dinner jacket, and black tie and I  love it!

I remember going into DC Tux a few years ago and the owner had a wall of photos all the men in her family on their wedding day. She said that what she loved in all the photos- is that other than her father’s photo being a little grainy- you couldn’t tell the difference in what year the photos were taken. Her nephew, brother, grandfather, and the rest were all wearing a black tux and it didn’t date their photos.

Here are a few favorites of grooms we photographed with impeccable taste and some even added their own touch to the classic black tux.


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